Puzzle -v2NGM Open Innovation is building a portfolio of partnerships which complement our in house drug discovery activities. Our partnerships harness the expertise of Eisai’s scientists and those of our partners to form joint project teams with the aim of discovering novel drugs for patients with serious debilitating disorders.

There is no set model for Open Innovation partnerships. Each partnership is shaped to fit the needs and goals of the specific, individual collaboration. Although Eisai may provide financial contributions towards collaborative ventures, our primary intent is to form true scientific alliances where each party contributes towards a joint objective. Eisai’s scientists may provide intellectual input to joint project teams as well as access to and application of Eisai’s in house drug discovery expertise and capabilities.

Examples of Eisai Open Innovation collaborations that are already in place include University College London, Johns Hopkins University and the Dementia Consortium (incorporating Alzheimers Research UK, MRCT, Lilly and Eisai). 

To discuss opportunities to collaborate with NGM Open Innovation please contact

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