Technology Alliances

A Technology Alliance may be formed where an academic or commercial partner can offer a complementary technology which is central to the progression of a research project. This can be established to cover a specific, defined stage of a research project or may be longer term collaboration covering the entirety of a drug discovery project.

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A recent example of a technology alliance is Eisai's collaboration with Genomics plc (Oxford, UK).  The aim of this alliance is to use sophisticated statistical analyses of large-scale multi-phenotype genetic association data to inform Eisai’s drug discovery process, including target selection, target validation, indication and repositioning.  For the full press release click here.  This collaboration was established by NGM Open Innovation combined with Eisai's “Integrated Human Genomics” (IHGx) Unit (Andover, USA) which combines dedicated quantitative genetics, wet-lab biology and chemistry expertise within an autonomous and highly collaborative R&D innovation unit. 

Another example of a technology alliance is our collaboration with Galenea (based in Cambridge, MA).  Under this collaboration Galenea has applied its synaptic platform (MANTRA™) technology to address synaptic dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases. MANTRA™ is a high throughput, proprietary screening technology to identify small molecule modulators of synaptic transmission, the process by which neurons communicate with each other.




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