NGM Open Innovation, in collaboration with Eisai's new Integrated Human Genetics Unit (IHGx) , are creating new alliances to mine human genomic data and so generate new target identification hypotheses as well as indication selection and expansion strategies.


The scale of genomic data associated with human diseases necessitates the creation of entrepreneurial partnerships to access, analyze and translate information to shape therapeutic strategies.  Such studies provide considerable substrate for deriving novel therapeutic targets, and potential reposition of existing medicines, from statistically robust genetic insights into disease biology.   

Eisai is focused on applying several integrated sciences to deliver novel and targeted medicines from human genetics to patients.  To leverage these approaches the IHGx Unit (Andover, USA) was created, combining dedicated quantitative, wet-lab biology and chemistry expertise within an autonomous and highly collaborative R&D innovation unit.  IHGx focuses predominantly on core disease areas to include neuroscience (including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), inflammation and metabolic therapeutic areas.  Eisai has established laboratory capabilities that provide means for functional molecular, cellular and pharmacological follow-up of genetic associations.

To support this strategy NGM Open Innovation and IHGx have  established a collaborative agreement with Genomics plc (Oxford, UK) to use sophisticated statistical analyses of large-scale multi-phenotype genetic association data to inform Eisai’s drug discovery process, including target selection, target validation, indication and repositioning.  For the full press release click here.

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